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The Australian Vintage Aviation Society commemorates the pilots and planes from the first 30 years of powered flight – especially the world-changing trainers and fighters of World War One.  

Aircraft had a profound influence on the outcome of the Great War, and the men who flew them would go on to pioneer the entire spectrum of air services and infrastructure we have today. In both war and in peace, many paid with their lives.

We think the best way to repay them is by giving their memory wings.

At The Epicentre of Early Aviation

Chief Test Pilot


Chief Test Pilot


Avro 500 Co-Designer


Head of Works


Our Objectives

Aiming High

Launched at the start of 2012, TAVAS is governed by seven volunteer Directors, comprising several airline pilots, business managers, ex Australian Defence Force personnel and two teachers.

Our mission is to re-create genuine historic aviation on these shores for the education and interest of aircraft enthusiasts, historians, schools and the public in general.  By recreating and flying these incredible machines, we commemorate the pilots who’ve served Australia in war and peace, honour those who serve today, and inspire the pilots of the future. 

You can be a real part of this activity by becoming a TAVAS member. Even sharing our story and your enthusiasm on social media can make a valuable difference. So go ahead and tell as many people as you can!

We also value every donation we receive – be it money, objects, time, skills or services.


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TAVAS is a registered Not For Profit organisation, run by a Trust. All donations are fully tax deductible and go directly towards the museum and its projects.

Our Collection

In War & Peace 

Since our founding, TAVAS has built up an important collection of historical aircraft replicas, including examples from the dawn of powered flight and the watershed fighters of the Great War.

Many of these are incredibly accurate and highlight the beauty, fragility and genius of those early designs. One is still powered by a 100+ year old rotary engine!

This has given us a unique ability to share the long-lost sights, sounds and smells of aviation history, and to demonstrate the flying performance of those first aircraft to new generations. 

We’ve displayed our aircraft at the Australian National Airshow (Avalon), Warbirds Over Illawarra, Red Thunder Air Show and our own commemorative events – as well as at exclusive, more intimate events for our members and guests.

Our Activities

Flying, Sharing, Amazing

In 2016 we presented the first of our own Great War Flying Displays at Caboolture Airfield (YCAB) – bringing together planes from WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam, along with present day ADF assets, and civilian aircraft from the years in between.

In 2018, we held a centenary Great War Flying Display over the weekend of April 21st and 22nd – commemorating to the very minute 100 years since Australian machine gunner Cedric Popkin brought down the Red Baron near the Somme River on April 21st, 1918.  

On the Monday after this mammoth weekend, we opened the TAVAS Early Aviation Museum. 

Since then, the Museum has earned a reputation as one of Queensland’s key aviation attractions. We have hosted many group tours and several private events along with visits by media, politicians and, we’re proud to say, countless past and present members of the ADF. 

The Legacy of the Australian Flying Corps


Formed from WW1 squadrons of the Australian Flying Corps


Founded by AFC Lt. Paul McGinness & AFC Lt. Hudson Fysh

Royal Flying Doctors

Proposed in 1917 by AFC Lt. Clifford Peel
(MIA 19th September 1918)

CASA/Airservices Australia

First Controller of Civil Aviation
AFC Lt.Col. Horace Brinsmead

...And Too Many More To Mention
Our Future

Onwards & Upwards

Our plans for the future include continuing to grow our membership, within Australia and internationally, as well as providing our support and friendship to others building and flying their own historic replicas. 

We’ll also continue expanding our collection of aircraft, engines, information and artefacts. And there will be more TAVAS Flying Displays.

We have come a long way. We aim to keep flying forward, to create a unique, thrilling and living memorial to those who flew before us.  

Remember, as a TAVAS Member you’ll receive free entry to our Museum and Flying Displays, as well as being first to hear about upcoming events. Plus you’ll be helping to educate future generations about the incredible legacy of Australia’s pioneer pilots. 

We hope you’ll join us.



Hangar 106, Eagle Lane 
Caboolture Airfield, QLD


10am to 3pm
Thursday to Sunday

We remain closed until further notice


p. +617 5495 7069
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