Tiger Moth vs Fokker Triplane

Red Baron Dogfights

Take your TAVAS time trip to the next level with a totally unique flight experience from Brisbane Biplanes.

Like the flying aces of old, you’ll put on goggles and helmet, climb into the open cockpit of your trusty biplane, and take off in search of trouble... And trouble will find you.

Before long our replica Red Baron Fokker Dr.1 Triplane will be pulling up off your wingtip, ready to engage in a tumbling, turning dogfight. With luck, you’ll end up on the Baron’s tail and hold him in your sights. If not…

This adrenaline-fuelled adventure flight lasts for 30 minutes, plus extra time for start up and taxying to and from the runways.

You can even share this historic experience with a friend, in a second Tiger Moth, and each take a turn to fight the Red Baron above scenic Moreton Bay.

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Watch Eddie McGuire learn about TAVAS Red Baron Dogfights on Channel 9's 'Millionaire'
The  Most Recognised Plane In History

Fokker Dr.1 Triplane

Even though The Red Baron only shot down 19 of his 80 victims while flying his all-red Fokker Dr.1 Triplane, it is easily the most widely recognised aircraft of all time. 

Perhaps it was the distinctive stack of wings or the Baron's deadly reputation, but the Fokker Triplane was certainly strong, well-armed, and could ‘climb like a monkey’ – making it a very deadly weapon in Manfred Von Richthofen’s expert hands. 

When The Red Baron was shot down by a ground-based machine gunner from Queensland, he was buried with full military honours by No.3 Squadron, Australian Flying Corps. RAF Headquarters sent a wreath inscribed “Captain von Richthofen, the brave and worthy foe”   

You can read more about the Fokker Dr.1 in our Aircraft section.

Fly Into History

Book Your Dogfight

Our totally unique Red Baron Dogfight experience is SO much more than a 30 minute flight you’ll talk about for years. You’ll be given a full introduction to the Tiger Moth before dressing for your adventure in a traditional flight helmet and goggles and being strapped into your seat.

Once in the air, you’ll climb with the wind in the wires toward Morton Bay, where the TAVAS Red Baron triplane will join up and salute, before breaking away for the thrilling 3-D mayhem of an aerial dogfight. 

With a shock, you’ll realise the Great War didn’t happen in black and white  and this is as close as you can get to being a WW1 fighter pilot.

If you’ve chosen to share the experience, you will fly out in formation with your friend in Brisbane Biplane’s second Tiger Moth. There’ll be plenty of opportunity for waving and hand signals before you both have a turn at taking on The Baron.

Ready? Then what are you waiting for? Book it now.*

*Flights are available on weekends only. You need to be at least 15 years old, weigh under 100 kg and be reasonably mobile.
Red Baron Dogfight Options

For ONE person:
One Tiger Moth plus The Red Baron Triplane.....$1,197

For TWO people:
Two Tiger Moths plus The Red Baron Triplane.....$1,487

Each experience includes 30 minutes of flight time.
Gift vouchers also available on request

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